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No discussion in Wisbech bands


By from_bristol at 14:20 on 27/02/10

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    Well isn't that just typical of the Wisbech music scene? Nothing doing!

    I'm a singer who's fronted bands in Bristol and Birmingham for the last 20+ years. I moved up here almost two years ago and since then have been trying to find any sort of band to sing with. Ok, so I'm getting on a bit now (still younger than Madonna though) but I still scrub up well and have an impressive CV and some say an outstanding voice with a 3 octave range.  I knew it wouldn't be easy to find a rock or blues band to sing with up here, but it seems Wisbech has absolutely no music scene whatsoever, apart from a few youngsters who, from what I've seen, would be lucky to get a gig at all in a city where competition is much greater.  Even attempts to get something together with bands from further afield have come to nothing - timewasters all.

    Well, I give up. I'm off to buy a karaoke machine.

    By from_bristol at 14:20 on 27/02/10

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    If you are more aware than others on the music scene in Wisbech, please feel free to add anything that you wish. I see that you say there is not much of a music scene here, I find this is true, a lot of it is people in their teen years or twenties trying to live the dream, but it takes a lot of dedication and talent to do it and a lot of them just do not have the commitment.

    I love karaoke!

    By Laura_Spodula at 16:22 on 27/02/10

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    Weren't a band called Deaf Havana from Wisbech? Or was that more Kings Lynn?

    By DTron at 00:36 on 03/03/10

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    I totally agree that the Wisbech music scene has nothing to offer. All I hear of is either heavy metal bands or cover artists! For one I hate heavy metal and I don't like hearing really bad versions of other peoples songs! I would rather listen to the original ten times in perfect quality! But, and there is a but, I did happen to hear of ONE band called "Columbia" and they fantastic! They are an originals band and are very good at what they do! The frontman has a great presence and a voice like John Lennon and Liam Gallagher combined! They are guitar driven with great melodies and amazing solos! Just like the good ol days! none of that heavy metal rubbish that you can't understand or relate to. They are gigging around Cambridgeshire and if you get a chance to listen to them, I'd definitely TAKE IT! They are the best thing I have heard in years! Kinda like putting The Beatles, Slade and Oasis into one! Yes, that good! Don't miss out if they're playing near you! "Columbia" is what it's all about!

    By jackrich1 at 17:36 on 23/01/14


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